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Our selection: shoes for women with bunions


Do you suffer from bunions, otherwise known as onions?

Podexpert has put together a selection of shoes for bunions specially fitted to this type of toe deformation. Indeed, most of the shoes provided here have a stretchy part on the hump of the big toe that will reduce friction and adjust to the deformation of your foot.

We have selected casual, sports, and sandals models for you in this range of shoes for women with bunions.

Each model has a removable insole that can be easily replaced by your orthopedic insoles.


Women more affected than men

In 90% of cases, bunions affect women and it is estimated that 30% of women over 40 are affected by this pathology. This deformation can be of congenital origin or perhaps due to the wearing of unsuitable shoes.
We are talking here about shoes with high heels or with a pointed or narrow toe.


The choice of footwear is therefore essential so as not to aggravate the deformation and above all relieve the pain that may appear with it. But without giving up on the style of the shoes because we know that a comfortable shoe is only worn if it is pretty!

This is why we offer a whole range of bunions women shoes which are both elegant and comfortable.


The secret of a beautiful and therapeutic shoe

How is it possible? Quite simply thanks to the choice of materials. We have selected models with a stretch fabric yoke next to your bunion.

This part in very discreet stretch will allow you to adapt to your deformation and relieve any friction pain that you may have with a classic shoe. There is, of course, no seam that could irritate your skin and cause inflammation or another bursitis.


The lack of space inside the shoes is regularly a concern encountered by people suffering from a bunion. If you feel compressed in your shoes, we have the solution!

We have chosen shoes for you with a shoe volume slightly higher than normal so that you are comfortable. But thanks to the work of the stylists and the choice of lines, this additional volume will obviously be very discreet.


When you suffer from a bunion, wearing orthopedic insoles is very often compulsory to correct the causes of this deformation. The problem is then to put your orthopedic insoles in your shoes ...

All our shoes are equipped with removable soles that you can remove as you wish and replace them with your orthopedic soles without worrying about a lack of space.


Another important characteristic of a shoe suitable for a bunion is the heel height. Indeed, too high a heel height would overload the forefoot and could worsen the deformation of your big toe and cause horns and other discomforts.


Finally, we opted for shoes with a fairly wide heel and good-looking buttresses for good foot support. Good stability will bring you additional comfort and relieve your pain.


Being ourselves healthcare professionals and manufacturers of custom-made orthopedic shoes, we are well aware of the constraints linked to bunion and your expectations in terms of style.

And we receive positive opinions every day from our customers regarding our choice of bunion women shoe models.


Satisfied customers

"I am very satisfied with the shoes which suit me very well in terms of shape, lightness, space, openness, very soft material and in addition they are classy. I was relieved immediately as my feet are distorted and painful. I couldn't put my shoes on. "


"Shoes of incredible flexibility

I don't hurt when I leave a message "


"very comfortable and pretty shoes"


"I finally found an elegant model in which I slip my soles."

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