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Shoes for bunions: our orthopedic selection

These bunion shoes, slippers, and bunion sandals are very flexible and offer significant volume in the forefoot. Some of these models of shoes for bunion are made of stretch and stretchy fabric, which therefore takes the shape of the toes without hurting them.

We have also selected bunion sandals for the summer.

All our bunion orthopedic shoes have removable insoles which can be replaced by your orthopedic insoles.

Bunion orthopedic shoes

Most of the shoes offered here have a stretch yoke, a stretch material at the level of the bump of the big toe, which will reduce friction and adapt to the deformation of your foot.

When the shoe is too stiff facing the hallux, the friction between the foot and the shoe can cause pain which can be very debilitating and can even force you to stop walking.

In addition, this friction can even lead to inflammation of the part between the bone and the skin.


We know that wearing suitable shoes is not necessarily enough to relieve foot pain due to bunion. Wearing orthopedic insoles is very often necessary to correct the static disorders which led to the formation of a bunion. We are talking here about flat feet, valgus feet, or insufficiency of the 1st toe.

This is why our shoes all have removable soles that you can replace with your orthopedic soles.

If you do not have orthopedic insoles, the soles in the shoes are shock absorbing and flexible to prevent the horn that can form under the forefoot.


Always with the idea of ​​not overloading the forefoot, our bunion shoes all have a heel that is not too high to keep a good balance of support between the forefoot and the rear.

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