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Sensitive foot slippers for women and men Podowell Abville black
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Slippers Podowell - Abville (Black)

Color : Black - Width: Extra-wide (Width K-M) - Available in sizes 3,5 UK - 5 US to 11 UK - 11,5 US - Suitable for orthopedic insoles.

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Podowell - Abville (Black)

A very comfortable and stable indoor slipper.


For which pathologies ?

  • Foot problem
  • Wide width
  • Swollen feet

Characteristics of the Abville from Podowell


This orthopedic slipper for women and men is available in black color and in sizes 3,5 UK - 5 US to 11 UK - 11,5 US.


This slipper can accommodate feet with oedema or bulky dressings thanks to its large foot volume on the forefoot.


These orthopedic slippers have maximum space to accommodate a very swollen, diabetic or recently operated foot. This corresponds to a K or M width. It can accommodate wide or very wide feet.

The total opening allows to put the foot in the shoe and to close it over it without having to bend the foot. This is very practical for feet that are not very mobile and painful or when wearing orthopedic devices such as foot lifters.



The Velcro closure allows an optimal adjustment of the tightening even for people with a strong instep. This type of closure also allows easy donning and optimal support.


A light, flexible counter-back provides support for the rear foot without too much pressure on the heel.


Top :

  • Synthetic textile. This type of textile allows for a very light and flexible shoe that will not attack your sensitive feet.
  • 3D mesh: Smooth on the inside to prevent friction and embossed on the outside to promote evaporation.


Lining :

  • The synthetic textile lining used in the manufacture of the shoe allows to obtain a breathable and extremely light shoe.


To protect sensitive feet, the manufacturing was made without protruding seams on the forefoot. This considerably reduces friction with the upper of the shoe and protects the feet from irritation.


The comfort insole is made of microfiber on cushioning foam. It is perforated for optimal air circulation and rapid moisture wicking.

The insoles are removable and can be removed and replaced with orthopedic insoles.


The outer sole is made of polyurethane. You can walk in complete safety with this ultra-light, flexible, shock-absorbing and non-slip sole.

The wide casing allows better stability when walking.

The sole is sewn all the way around for more resistance.


The heel height is 15mm.

Instructions for use

You can adjust the volume of the shoe by leaving or removing the insole.

Maintenance tips

The fabric is hand washable or machine washable at 30°C. Allow to dry in the open air.

You can clean 3D mesh in machine at 30°C maximum.

Clean the insoles with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.

Choice of size

Abville slippers of the brand Podowell fit normally. We therefore advise you to choose your usual size.
To find your size easily, consult our size guide.
And if you still have a doubt about the choice of size and width, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Podowell - Abville (Black)

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