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Comfortable insole

The comfort sole is an essential part of your shoes: cushioning, support and evacuation of perspiration are the qualities of this sole.

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Comfort insole

Insoles can make all the difference when it comes to the comfort level of your shoes. Our insoles will provide support, comfort, cushioning and moisture wicking.


Four high quality materials make up this insole:

  • A shock absorbing material in the heel: we all, or almost, attack the step by the heel when walking. The shocks of the ground are then propagated from the ankle to the cervicals. The shock absorber's role is to reduce the impact on the skeleton during each step you take during the day.
  • A material ensuring the stability of the midfoot when walking, for more comfort and to reduce the stress on the midfoot.
  • Memory foam material for comfort under the entire foot. 
  • A microfiber covering material, regulating humidity in the shoe and perspiration.
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Comfort insole

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