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» » Shoes Podartis - Courmayeur Giotto (Black)

Shoes Podartis - Courmayeur Giotto (Black)

Color : Black - Width: Standard (F-G) - Available in sizes 5,5 UK - 7,5W 6M US to 11 UK - 11,5M US - CHUP shoe

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Podartis - Courmayeur Giotto (Black)

The Courmayeur Giotto shoe is a shoe designed for secondary level daily prevention of diabetic foot (including neuropathy) and is also intended for rheumatic foot patients who suffer from severe foot pain and deformity. The biomechanical semi-rigid insole contributes to a stable gait and relieves stress around the ankles and knees, stimulating lympho-venous drainage and significantly reducing swelling and pain.


For which pathologies ?

  • Foot problem
  • Diabetic

Characteristics of the Courmayeur Giotto from Podartis

This diabetic shoe for men is available in black colour and in sizes 5,5 UK - 7,5W 6M US to 11 UK - 11,5M US.


This shoe with elements specially designed for diabetic foot to protect sensitive feet, evacuate moisture, limit friction and areas of overpressure and thus prevent the appearance of wounds.


These diabetic shoes have a standard and comfortable footwear volume. This corresponds to a width F or G. It can accommodate slim feet or standard width.


The front of the shoe ensures an optimal support of the foot which allows to have a better stability.


The closure is done with a lace. The lace allows a good support of the foot in the shoe, an optimal comfort and adapts itself to any morphology of the foot.


For better stability, the counter-back supports the rear foot.

To avoid injuring and attacking the sensitive ankles, there is a small foam pad at the top of the shoe.


Top :

  • The shoe is made of leather which allows to have a flexible product but with a good support of the foot.

Lining :

  • The use of leather for the lining allows for optimal support of the foot in the shoe and great comfort. The calf leather is also very breathable and will avoid the heating of the feet.

To protect sensitive feet, the manufacturing was made without protruding seams on the forefoot. This considerably reduces friction with the upper of the shoe and protects the feet from irritation.

The tongue is padded for more comfort.


The comfort insole is breathable and mounted on a foam to respect your sensitive feet.

The shoes are adapted to orthopaedic insoles thanks to the removable insoles that you can easily remove.


The outer sole is a semi-rigid, thick biomechanical sole with" Wellwalk "technology which promotes a natural course of the step without folding the shoe. This sole allows an uniformization of the pressures on the foot during the entire stance phase not. People suffering from osteoarthritis of the feet will be immediately relieved by wearing these shoes.

The wide casing allows better stability when walking.

Water does not penetrate the shoe thanks to the welded assembly of the upper and the outer sole of the shoe.


The heel height is 25 mm.

Instructions for use

You can adjust the volume of the shoe by leaving or removing the insole.

Maintenance tips

Dust off the leather, apply a shoe polish evenly and let dry. You can then polish with a soft cloth.

Clean the insoles with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.

Choice of size

Courmayeur Giotto shoes of the brand Podartis fit normally. We therefore advise you to choose your usual size.
If you have a doubt about the choice of size and width, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Podartis - Courmayeur Giotto (Black)

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