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» » » Sneakers Podartis - Activity DCS Sport (Black)

Sneakers Podartis - Activity DCS Sport (Black)

Color : Black - Width: Wide (Width H-D) - Available in sizes 5,5 UK - 7,5W 6M US to 12 UK - 12,5M US - CHUT shoe

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Podartis - Activity DCS Sport (Black)

The Activity DCS Sport shoe is a high-tech shoe from the Podynamica line by Podartis. It was developed to help overweight people enjoy physical exercise, but also designed to curb excessive pronation or supination. It is recommended for people with reduced joint mobility, metatarsalgia, diabetic or rheumatic feet that require primary or secondary prevention.


For which pathologies ?

  • Foot problem
  • Wide width
  • Wide toe box
  • Diabetic
  • Heel spur
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Morton's neuroma

Characteristics of the Activity DCS Sport from Podartis

This orthopedic shoe for men is available in black color and in sizes 5,5 UK - 7,5W 6M US to 12 UK - 12,5M US.


This sneaker with a consequent width at the forefoot to relieve people with wider than normal feet.

Walk or trample all day without fatigue thanks to this pair of extremely light shoes.


These orthopedic shoes have more volume to preserve fragile, painful, swollen or deformed feet. The greater than normal width will help relieve your metatarsalgia by not compressing your toes laterally. This corresponds to an H or J width. It can accommodate wide feet as well as standard feet.


The front is made of stretchy materials. The volume is therefore variable and evolutionary, which allows to adapt to a foot that would tend to swell during the day.

The material in the front will automatically adapt to the shape of your foot thanks to its slightly stretchy properties which will help relieve your toe deformities. This will ensure comfort and limit painful rubbing.


Thanks to the self-locking elastic straps you'll be able to lace up your shoes quickly and with one hand. The lace-up system also allows for optimal foot tightening even with a strong instep.


The stability of the rearfoot is ensured by a well-fitting counter at the back of the shoe. This has been reinforced and padded to combine stability and comfort.

The quilted collar at the top of the upper provides comfortable support even with a swollen ankle.


Top :

  • Ultra soft nylon stretch fabric. It is a breathable and washable material. This type of textile allows for a very light and flexible shoe.

A protective tip on the forefoot will protect your toes.


Lining :

  • The synthetic textile lining used in the manufacture of the shoe allows to obtain a breathable and extremely light shoe.

There are no protruding internal seams, which prevents conflicts between the foot and the shoe and thus friction and irritation.


The comfort insole is microfiber on cushioning foam.

The shoes are adapted to orthopedic insoles thanks to the removable insoles that you can easily remove.


The outer sole is made of polyurethane. You can walk in complete safety with this ultra-light, flexible, shock-absorbing and non-slip sole.

The wide casing allows better stability when walking.

The Timing Rocker Sole® biomechanical semi-rigid outsole uses DCS Dynamic Cross System® technology. This is a composite fiber insert located within the Vibram® tread that helps to curb excessive pronation and supination and has additional load-bearing capacity to ensure the sole does not collapse in the case of overweight wearers (tested up to 140 kg).
This system provides excellent elastic response and contributes to an improved gait, reducing joint energy requirements for a smooth elastic transition. Clinical trials have shown that Activity shoes enhanced with DCS technology are effective for people with neurological disorders, stabilizing gait, guiding the feet, and contributing effectively during the push-off phase.

The assembly of the outsole and the upper of the shoe is made by welding which gives a better resistance to water penetration.


The heel height is 10 mm.

Instructions for use

You can adjust the volume of the shoe by leaving or removing the insole.

Maintenance tips

You can clean textile with a damp sponge or cloth. Allow to dry in the open air.

The insole is hand washable at 30 °C.

Choice of size

Activity DCS Sport sneakers of the brand Podartis fit normally. We therefore advise you to choose your usual size.
If you have a doubt about the choice of size and width, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Podartis - Activity DCS Sport (Black)

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