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Anti-perspirant cream

Antiperspirant foot cream: sanitizes and deodorizes feet. 50 mL tube.

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Akileïne - Anti-perspirant cream


Highly perspiring feet prone to fungal infections



Akileïne® Anti-Perspirant Cream combats excessive perspiration by regulating the foot's sweat flow without stopping it completely and by respecting its physiological balance even from the first application. The Anti-Perspirant Cream also fights against the environment conducive to the development of mycoses. The foot is healthier and deodorized.

Advice for use

To apply twice per day during 2 weeks to the feet by insisting in particular on the plant and between the toes. To space the applications after the second week of treatment.
Children from 12 years old.


Lipesters® U/Soie Serine, Silica

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Akileïne - Anti-perspirant cream

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