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Orthopedic shoes: Podexpert's selection


As healthcare professionals, we have chosen the best orthopedic shoes for your sensitive feet for you. These shoes, slippers, and orthopedic sandals will be the ideal complements to your foot orthotics.

It is for this reason that all the models in this range of orthopedic shoes present in this category have removable soles that you can easily replace with your orthopedic soles.

These medical shoes are designed for atypical feet that do not accept standard shoes.


The orthopedic shoe of the trade is part of the therapeutic arsenal to relieve the pains linked to an unusual or pathological foot.


A dedicated orthopedic shoe for each pathology

Indeed, whether in the case of pain, deformation of the foot or toes, edema, or instability of the foot or ankle, medical shoes can play a therapeutic role.


For example, in the case of Achilles tendon pain, it is justified to wear shoes with a heel higher than the usual height to reduce tension on it.


For patients with pain under the forefoot (Metatarsalgia) on the other hand, it is desirable to wear a therapeutic shoe with a flexible and cushioning sole with little or no heel because the heels too high and the thin or rigid soles amplify most metatarsalgia. This shoe will of course have a removable sole that you can replace with your orthopedic insoles.


In the case of claw toes or bunion, shoes with stretch fabrics should be favored in relation to the deformations of the foot and seamless so as not to cause conflict between the deformation of the foot and the shoe. A forefoot too bulky for a standard shoe will find in the wearing of a medical or therapeutic shoe an effective remedy against pain especially when it is accompanied by the wearing of a plantar orthosis.


In the event of swelling or swollen feet, models with variable volume should be preferred with stretch materials and Velcro closure. Or even orthopedic sandals.


Finally, if you suffer from instability, it will be important to choose an orthopedic shoe with a rigid buttress to hold your hindfoot and a low heel with a wide sole.

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