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Orthopedic shoes for women and orthopedic sandals for women: our selection


Under this heading you will find comfortable shoes for women specially selected for your sensitive feet. All the shoes in the orthopedic shoes for women range are therapeutic shoes.

The whole range of women's orthopedic shoes and orthopedic sandals for women is designed to give you maximum comfort and soothe your pain.

All these women's medical shoes have a removable insole that can be replaced by your orthopedic insoles.

Orthopedic shoes for women: a solution to your foot pain

We have selected for you all a range of women's medical shoes adapted to each pathology that you may encounter.


Pain due to bunion

Do you suffer from bunion because your big toe is deformed? We have orthopedic shoes adapted to this pathology. These shoes for bunions have a stretch yoke that will adapt to the deformation of your hallux, avoiding any friction and any redness that could annoy you.

In addition, our female orthopedic shoes for bunion have a reasonable heel height so as not to overload the forefoot and therefore not to aggravate your deformation of the big toe.

Of course, our shoes have removable soles which can be replaced by your orthopedic soles.


Wide foot and suitable shoe

Having a wide foot often causes pain when the shoe is not suitable. This is why we have selected for you a range of orthopedic shoes for women specially designed for wide feet. They have a template of a width greater than normal to avoid any pain but still remains very elegant.


Hammertoe or claw toe: toe deformities

This type of deformation can be very debilitating and may even require you to stop walking when the pain becomes unbearable. To avoid this, our selection of women's medical shoes for claw toes has a larger volume on the forefoot to avoid any conflict between your bruised toes and the upper of the shoe.

Most of our shoes for this type of toe deformation have a stretch front, a stretch fabric, which adapts to any deformation of your toes.


Caring for your diabetic feet

The diabetic foot requires very special attention, which is why we have selected orthopedic shoes for women specially adapted to this type of pathology. Our diabetic foot shoes are manufactured to very strict standards with the main objective of reducing conflicts between your sensitive feet and the upper of the shoe. The goal is to avoid injury.

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