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Ortholady by Schein

The German brand of comfort sandals Ortholady by Schein


The history of the Schein brand


The company's beginnings date back to 1879 when Heinrich Schein produced orthopedic treatments alongside his profession as a shoemaker. In 1926 production itself began. We are still far from the comfortable sandals that we know today.


After World War II, Heinrich Schein junior and his wife Anneliese took over the business. From then on, commercial success combined with continuous expansion marked the development of the company. This also necessitated the construction of a new building for manufacturing and administrative purposes which will be established in 1963 in Remscheid-Lennep in the industrial area of ​​Trecknase.


Her son Klaus Peter followed in his parents' footsteps and took over the management of the company after completing his professional training as a rehabilitation technologist in 1967. At that time, around 50 people worked at the company. With his talent for successful corporate policy and the courage to embark on new things, over the years he has built a group focused on the future of business. After taking over Ruckgaber Orthopädie Service in Rottenburg in 1997 and AteC-Shoes in Erfurt in 1999, Klaus Peter Schein expanded its product range under the fields of custom orthopedic trees and orthopedic materials. Klaus Peter and Ulrike Schein's son Arnd Schein joined the company after completing his professional training in 1994.


Since 2001, FW Kraemer's Remscheid company has belonged to the Schein group. This company can also look back on a long tradition of orthopedics.

This merger also required changes of premises, which was made possible by the purchase of a large plot of land in the industrial area of ​​Jägerwald near the Remscheid motorway.


Arnd Schein, son of Klaus Peter and Ulrike Schein, who had worked for Schein since 1994, took control of the company in 2004, and of the new company building, with more than 23,000 square meters of administrative and of production. In early 2013, Schein's wholly-owned subsidiary, Ruckgaber GmbH of Rottenburg, took over August Brüggemann GmbH from Bottrop.


A. Brüggemann GmbH was established in 1948 and initially focused on the wholesale of leather and shoemakers. In 1981, the product spectrum was supplemented by specialized orthopedic products and molding blanks.

The two companies - Ruckgaber and Brüggemann - are among the main suppliers of orthopedic technologies and orthopedic shoes. With this move and the planned merger to create Ruckgaber-Brüggemann GmbH, Ruckgaber continues to expand its position as a supplier of orthopedic technologies and orthopedic shoes. Mr. Arnd Schein and Mr. Reiner Kaupp will take over.


Schein sandals

Ortholady by Schein offers all Schein technology in comfortable open sandals with:

  • Good foot support
  • Removable insole
  • Shock absorbing outsole
  • A simple and efficient fixing system
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