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» Who are we ?

Who are we?


Pedorthists for years, we are specialists of the foot and its various pathologies. During our daily consultations, we are well aware that it is more and more difficult for you to find suitable shoes for your sensitive feet on the market.

Concretely, the job of a pedorthist consists in being in daily contact with patients of all ages and with very diverse pathologies in order to establish the most suitable fitting plan. This can be comfort shoes, standard therapeutic shoes, orthopaedic soles on moulds, or orthopaedic shoes. The pedorthist will also participate in some 250 manufacturing steps required to make a pair of orthopaedic shoes. A perfect knowledge of the shoe is therefore necessary and a technical mastery of certain manufacturing processes as well. It thus becomes easier to choose the models of comfort shoes that will best correspond to most of the pathologies that we may encounter on a daily basis.


We do not sell a whole range of medical products, but we are truly specialists in footwear. As pedorthists, we see patients every day in consultation and are therefore the best able to understand and respond to your footwear problems.


Much more than a distance selling site, Podexpert also presents its shoes in its first three stores and relies on its network of partners. A rigorous selection of suppliers has been carried out over the years in order to work with confidence and to be able to offer the models best adapted to the different pathologies encountered.


Our team

Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist

Philippe graduated as a pedorthist in 2012. Since then, he has carried out numerous fitting consultations in various medical establishments in Brittany and Loire-Atlantique. His various interventions in rehabilitation centers and chronic wound services have made him a specialist in foot and footwear for difficult feet.

In his various surgeries, he also offers podiatry consultations and gives advice on the choice of shoes for his patients with sensitive feet.





Pierre Durrmann - Pedorthist

Pierre has been a pedorthist since 2008 in a foot fitting design and manufacturing firm in Brest. This paramedical training has been completed by a university degree of specialization "The diabetic foot" obtained at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris in 2013.