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Standard therapeutic shoes (CHUT and CHUP) and reimbursement by social security

The reimbursement of a pair of therapeutic shoes (CHUT or CHUP) is subject to a medical prescription. Since the promulgation of a new application decree, this medical prescription must be treated by an approved professional during a physical consultation.

As consultation is impossible at a distance, we no longer offer reimbursement for the therapeutic shoes for sensitive feet that you can find in our selection.


How do I get reimbursed for a prescription?

If your prescribing doctor has deemed it necessary to wear therapeutic shoes, you are entitled to reimbursement for part of your therapeutic shoes. You will need to visit a clinic where the shoes can be delivered to you. Without this consultation, no reimbursement is possible.


Can I still get a refund if I order online?

The simple answer is no. A consultation with a licensed professional is required for reimbursement purposes and cannot be done remotely.


What is the risk if I get a refund for an online purchase?

Your purchase will not fall within the legal framework for a refund. In the event of a control by the social security organisation, you may be asked for an undue payment.


What is the difference between CHUT and CHUP?

CHUT: Shoes for Temporary Use: these are shoes that are reimbursed in the event of a temporary disability that prevents the wearing of standard commercial shoes. This may be due to a sudden increase in the volume of the foot, a wound requiring discharge or other problems. The new legislation does not allow unlimited renewal of these CHUTs as they are for temporary use. This renewal must be justified on the medical prescription.


CHUP: Shoes for Extended Use: these are comfort shoes put on when the foot no longer allows the permanent use of commercial shoes.


Where to go for advice?

Our team of pedorthists can advise you on the fitting of your feet. We will find the best solution to relieve your pain or to solve your footwear problem. You can find our consultation locations here.


For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.