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Podexpert's selection: extra wide with women's shoes

We know that it is difficult to put on shoes when you have "outsized" feet. So having sensitive feet or wide or even extra wide feet is often a problem when choosing shoes.

This is why we have made a selection of women's wide width dress shoes and women's extra wide width shoes so that you will necessarily find the ideal shoe, regardless of your forefoot.


Also discover our wide width shoes in our selection of orthopedic shoes.

The choice of Podexpert

At Podexpert, we have chosen to choose for you the best models of shoes from the different brands on the market.
In this category, you will discover our entire selection of extra-wide width women's shoes, and all of our sandals adapted to a wide forefoot. For the occasion, we have chosen the Wide fit range from Dr Comfort.


As a general rule, any shoe with a fastening on the top such as laces, velcros or a strap, will offer better volume in the forefoot. Conversely, shoes that are easy to put on such as ballerinas or moccasins will have less room to accommodate a wide forefoot.


But we have found the solution to be able to offer you shoes that are easy to put on but suitable for wide feet.


A variable and adjustable shoe width

In the case of a wide foot, it is often difficult to find a shoe with a width corresponding to the exact width of your foot. The shoe is often either not wide enough or too wide. Especially with women's wide width dress shoes.

Wearing shoes that are too narrow or not adapted to the shape of the foot can be the cause of painful and harmful chronic compressions in the long term. This is why we have chosen a range of women's wide foot shoes, most of which are made with technical materials.

These extensible or stretch materials make it possible to limit the pressures on the sensitive areas of your foot while avoiding the friction of an oversized shoe which would become the cause of friction and instability during walking.


Some questions about choosing shoes for your wide feet


Shouldn't you wear pointed-toe shoes when you have wide feet?


False. We have selected manufacturers who increase the size of the shoe with an aesthetic supplement uninhabited by the toes. The shoe is therefore a little longer but not less wide.


What criteria are important when choosing shoes for wide feet?

  1. The most important is the interior volume at the forefoot. Although we have seen that pointed toes were not a problem if the shoe was well designed, the lack of volume in the toes may be enough to cause or worsen toe deformation. And whatever the aesthetics of the end of the shoe.
  2. Then the heel height is also important. Indeed, with a high heel, the foot will tend to slide forward and the forefoot will, therefore, have less space. This is why we have selected shoes with heels no higher than 3cm.
  3. Finally, wide feet tend to swell at the end of the day, which is why it is better to avoid shoes or sandals with thin straps that may come and injure you.

I have a hard time bending down to put my shoes on, can I choose moccasins or ballerinas?


With us, yes! We have selected shoes without closures and therefore easier to put on with a slightly stretchy upper to accommodate your wide feet without worries.

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