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Comfortable work shoes and comfortable safety shoes

Podexpert offers you comfortable work shoes and comfortable safety shoes suitable for sensitive feet and wide feet.

Respecting the strictest standards in terms of safety, these comfortable safety shoes are available in large sizes and with widths greater than normal.

They are of course anti-slip, resistant, and very comfortable.

We have selected for you a whole range of comfortable work shoes and a range of light and comfortable safety sneakers. All our models are suitable for your orthopedic insoles.

Comfortable safety shoes to stay up all day

If you work all day standing, you have that it is very important to have a comfortable pair of shoes. The problem is even more true when you are in an environment that requires you to wear safety shoes.

Standing while prolonged can cause pain in the feet and joints.

It is therefore essential for you to find the most comfortable pair of safety shoes that best suit your work. Your shoes should be light and breathable to prevent your feet from getting tired and sweating.

Your safety shoes or safety sneakers should also give you maximum support and cushioning. This is to improve your comfort and avoid pain or blisters. They must also be able to adapt and adjust to any type of foot. Finally, if you use orthopedic insoles, you should be able to put them in your safety shoes.

Podexpert has therefore selected a whole range of light and comfortable work shoes. These are the best safety shoes on the market and you will even forget that you have them on your feet.


Safety first

Our first concern is your safety, and more particularly the safety of your sensitive feet.

Depending on your work environment, you will need shoes with different safety standards. We also offer shoes with different levels of protection (From S1 to S3).

You will, therefore, find comfortable safety shoes with toe protection but also with elements such as antistatic or non-slip soles to avoid any slip or fall accident.

Of course, the more protection your safety shoes have, the safer you will feel.


Extra Podexpert's comfort

After having selected the most advanced and current safety standards, we looked at what makes our specialty: comfort and care for foot pathologies.

For comfort, we have opted for shoes with padded and removable insoles allowing you to easily accommodate your orthopedic insoles. The upper is also padded to avoid conflicts between the shoe and your foot and thus avoid redness, burns or blisters.

The padded safety shoe also helps reduce the risk of sprains and injuries to muscles or tendons. The foot is stabilized in a shoe which adapts to its shape and its specificities.

The fit of the shoe is an important element of comfort for comfortable safety shoes. If the shoe fits snugly, the comfort is increased and the risk of injury is reduced.

The insole should also play a role in stabilizing your feet and helping reduce the risk of sprains or injuries to your ankles. This sole must of course be removable in order to be replaced by an orthopedic sole.

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