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Comfortable shoes for women: Podexpert's selection


Podexpert offers you in this category a whole selection of the most comfortable shoes for women adapted to all foot morphologies. Here we offer shoes for wide feet, bunion, claw toes or hammer toes.



You can also discover a selection of comfortable women's shoes and a range of comfortable dress shoes for women.

A pain-free day with our comfortable shoes for women

If you have trouble spending a whole day in the same shoes without pain. If your work or leisure activities require you to stand for a long time and it is uncomfortable for you. If at the end of your days you have heavy legs or back pain. Here we have the solution to your problems.


We know it is difficult to find women's shoes for problem foot that are wide enough and comfortable. Our teams have therefore found for you a range of the most suitable shoes allowing, in particular, to include your orthopedic insoles very easily.


We offer a choice of flexible shoes that will reduce your muscle pain.

Whether you are looking for women's comfort boots, comfortable sandals, ballerina, mules, laces, velcros, soft leather, or stretchy materials, you are bound to find what you are looking for.

Our shoes are not only flexible, but they will also provide you with good foot support for better balance and less back pain.


Still with this in mind, we have chosen shoes with an adequate heel height to relieve your heavy legs without overloading your forefoots. Our shoes therefore always have a small heel but never more than 3.5 cm.

In fact, a shoe that is too flat will encourage the formation of a flat foot, especially if it is too flexible. While a shoe with a heel that is too high will promote the formation of a hallux valgus.

The objective is to respect the natural camber of the foot for better comfort.


A wide range of women's shoes

Of course, we also thought of style. This is why we have selected pretty and elegant shoes from the brands on the market: Podowell, Finn Comfort, Solidus, Goldkrone, ...


Finally, we offer a wide range of comfortable shoes. Indeed, we have selected shoes for the city, comfortable sneakers for walking, slippers for sensitive feet for the home, or sandals for the summer.

Our goal is simple: that you are comfortable and comfortable all the time and in any circumstance.

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