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» Accessories and shoe care product
Accessories and shoe care product

Our selection of accessories to maintain your comfort shoes

Your feet inside your shoes deserve the utmost attention. This is why we have selected for you a whole range of comfort socks and silicone orthoplasties which will bring you the greatest comfort.

You can also find our maintenance products for your leather shoes.

Remember to maintain your orthopedic shoes or bunion shoes so that they last longer.

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Akileine dry foot balm hydra defense
Moisturizing cream for your sensitive feet: 24 hours of hydration for your feet! 125 mL tube.
14.90 €
Special hot foot Akileine Freshness gel
Moisturizing cream for your sensitive feet: 24 hours of hydration for your feet! 125 mL tube.
12.90 €
Akileine foot care antiperspirant cream
Antiperspirant foot cream: sanitizes and deodorizes feet. 50 mL tube.
12.90 €
Akileine nutri repairing care for very dry feet
Moisturizing cream for your very dry feet: ensures long-lasting and intense hydration! Tube of 50 mL.
12.90 €
Akileine foot and shoe sanitizer spray black
Deodorant spray for excessive perspiration and odor problems: foot and shoe, effective 24h! Aerosol of 150 mL.
19.90 €
Podorape Akileine for calluses
Podorape for a fast and effective elimination of calluses! Blue version.
12.90 €
Comfortable insole
The comfort sole is an essential part of your shoes: cushioning, support and evacuation of perspiration are the qualities of this sole.
22.00 €
Forefoot shock absorber
Forefoot shock absorber - Reduction of pressure at the level of the forefoot - Place at the front of the shoe - Sold by 2
14.10 €
Silicone ring
Silicone ring available in 2 sizes - Reduces finger and toe pressure, especially for hammer toes - Sold in pairs
12.60 €
Toe cap
Toe cap available in 2 sizes - Protects the pulp and top of the toe from painful pressure and friction - Sold by 2
13.30 €
Horsehair buffing brush
Horsehair buffing brush
10.90 €
Silicone forefoot padding
Silicone forefoot padding - Reduces pressure at the forefoot - Sold in packs of 2
19.40 €