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Saturday 15 January 2022

What brand of shoes for wide feet woman ?

What brand of shoes for wide feet woman ?


To make it easier to fit wide feet, the Neut, Podowell, Finn Comfort, Podoline and Adour shoe brands offer quality women's wide feet shoes at an attractive price. The shoes are available in different widths in order to adapt to your wide foot. This is essential because a wide foot that is poorly fitted can lead to complications. Sneakers, sandals, boots, etc. Discover our range of shoes for women's wide feet and receive your comfortable pair of shoes directly at home thanks to home delivery.


The wide foot

A wide foot is a foot that is more than 23 centimeters wide. In women, the effects of aging, pregnancy or foot deformity are among the most common causes of wide feet.


If you have wide feet, pay special attention to your choice of shoes. Unsuitable sneakers, boots or sandals can lead to complications (bunion, etc.).


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Women's shoes for wide feet: essential characteristics

Made of leather or synthetic textile, women's shoes for wide feet offer

  • A significant width, in particular towards the forefoot not to compress your broad foot. Our online store offers wide foot shoes of different widths to fit your foot size. A product with a Velcro closure offers you the possibility to adapt the support of your wide foot.
  • Quality materials that are soft and breathable. Made of leather or synthetic materials, women's wide foot shoes fit your body and wick away moisture. The insole also provides cushioning and breathability.
  • A small heel is essential for distributing your body weight over the entire wide foot. Too high a heel shifts the weight to the front of your wide foot.
  • A round or square toe. Court shoes, sandals, boots, etc. A pair of shoes for women's wide feet generally has a round or square toe. A pointed-toe shoe will compress your wide feet.
  • A good cushioning. The insole and outsole of women's wide foot shoes offer optimal cushioning. This cushioning increases the comfort of your wide footed shoes.

Good to know: If you have wide feet, finding a comfortable pair of shoes from a standard brand is complicated. However, don't be tempted by a pair of shoes that doesn't fit. The wrong size can lead to painful rubbing and instability.


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Women's shoes for wide feet: the models to choose

For women with wide feet, we recommend the following shoe models:

  • A pair of sneakers, for a casual style and unmatched comfort
  • A pair of round-toed boots or booties, for a dressier look
  • A pair of square pumps with a low heel, a chic alternative to high heels
  • A pair of wide-strap sandals for summer

Women's shoes for wide feet: our comfort shoes

Find on our online site reference brands in the manufacture of comfort shoes for wide feet woman:

  • The century-old brand Neut, specialist in comfort shoes for wide feet
  • The Adour brand, for comfortable and elegant wide foot shoes
  • The Finn Comfort brand, for quality shoes that respect the environment
  • The Podowell brand, a reference in comfort shoes thanks to its close collaboration with the medical world
  • The Podoline brand and its stretchy models for swollen wide feet


Good to know: all our models offer removable insoles inside. You can easily replace the original insoles of your pair of women's wide foot shoes with your own insoles.


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Author : Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist