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Wednesday 15 June 2022

Which summer shoe for wide feet?

Which summer shoe for wide feet?


While standard store models tend to compress wide feet, brands specializing in comfortable shoes offer their models in different widths. This type of footwear, adapted to wide feet, limits the risk of complications. In summer, wide foot sandals are particularly appreciated for their comfort and lightness. In black or in colors, these trendy models follow the fashion and adapt to all looks for a stylish outfit in all circumstances. Discover our collection of men's and women's wide foot sandals, our ballerinas and pumps and take advantage of our home delivery service to receive your purchase without delay.


Wide feet and shoeing problems

Having a foot width greater than 23 centimeters makes it difficult to fit. Indeed, the models in classic stores have a standard width, unsuitable for wide feet. As a result, your wide feet are compressed in your shoes. This poor fit leads to complications: poor circulation, deformities of the wide foot, etc.


Find out what shoes to wear when you have a wide foot.


In the summer, problems related to the fitting of wide feet tend to increase. Indeed, the heat is often the cause of swelling. Feet, already compressed in standard shoes, are more exposed to this phenomenon. When temperatures rise, swelling and perspiration in the feet make it unpleasant to move around.


To alleviate this problem, brands specializing in comfortable footwear offer products adapted to the wide feet of women and men. Their models of sandals, mules, pumps or ballerinas come in different widths to fit your foot size. In summer, put your sneakers, boots and booties in the closet and opt for a pair of comfortable wide foot shoes.





In summer, opt for wide-footed sandals

The characteristics of a comfortable wide foot sandal

Summer is coming and you want to buy comfortable shoes for wide feet? Go for the wide footed sandals! Light and airy, these models ensure your wide feet a comfortable summer.


Find out how to choose a sandal for wide feet.


Before you buy, make sure your wide footed sandals have the following characteristics:

  • Sufficient width at the front of the foot. Unlike standard models, comfort wide foot sandals come in different widths. At Podexpert, our range of women's and men's sandals is available in widths ranging from H to M. This means you can choose the product that is perfectly suited to the size of your wide foot (shoe size and width). This feature of the shoe is essential to allow your wide foot to spread out properly.
  • Optimal support. Equipped with wide velcro straps, the wide foot sandals maintain your foot correctly. The Velcro system allows you to quickly adjust the fit of your wide foot sandals. The wide foot sandals also allow for adjustment at the back of the heel to ensure that the wide foot stays in the comfort shoe.
  • A flexible material. Made of leather or synthetic textile, wide-footed sandals conform to the shape of your wide foot without compressing it. Some models of wide foot sandals offer a stretchy forefoot to enhance the comfort of the shoe.
  • A small heel to promote circulation. This heel also has the effect of improving posture.
  • A breathable inner lining with no protruding seams to protect your wide foot from rubbing against the shoe.
  • A removable insole in the wide foot shoe. The removable insoles can be replaced by your own orthopedic insoles without loss of volume inside the widefoot shoe.

Wide foot sandals: comfort shoes without giving up fashion

Rest assured. For the "fashion victim" wearing wide footed sandals will not make you give up your look. Today, brands specializing in comfortable footwear offer women's and men's models at the cutting edge of fashion. In black or in colors, in leather or in textile, the models of wide footed sandals for men and women are available in all styles. For your casual outings in the city or to accompany an evening dress at a wedding, you will find a pair of stylish wide foot sandals that fit you.


At Podexpert, our collection of men's and women's sandals offers many models of comfortable and fashionable shoes. In colors (navy, burgundy, brown, etc.), but also in black or white for more sobriety, find your trendy wide foot sandals.


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Ballerinas and pumps in summer: think of round-toed shoes

Wide-footed sandals are not the only shoes that are popular in summer. For women tempted by ballerinas or pumps, choose a model with a round or square toe. Indeed, a pointed toe tends to accentuate the compression of your wide foot. You should also avoid high-heeled shoes. High heels shift the weight of your body to the front of your wide foot and increase discomfort.


Author : Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist