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Saturday 01 January 2022

Which shoe to wear when you have wide feet ?

Which shoe to wear when you have wide feet ?


The wide foot is a foot morphology that is difficult to fit comfortably in standard shoes. Inadequate shoes tend to compress the foot and the toes. However, there are models of wide-footed shoes. Sneakers, round-toe booties, square pumps or open sandals will offer your wide feet the necessary comfort. Discover without further delay our selection of wide foot models among the best brands of comfort shoes.


What is a wide foot ?

The term "wide foot" is used to describe a foot that is wider than 23 centimeters. There can be many causes for this:

  • Genetics, with a wide foot observed from birth
  • Aging
  • A deformation of the foot (bunion, hammer toes, etc.)
  • Unsuitable shoes
  • Pregnancy, with the secretion of hormones that promote the relaxation of ligaments and joints in the feet
  • Swelling of the feet

Problem: standard shoes do not meet the needs of wide feet and are often uncomfortable. Even more seriously, the compression of the feet caused by an inadequate pair of shoes has long-term repercussions. The consequences of poorly fitted wide feet include

  • Pain
  • Blisters and calluses
  • The appearance of hallux valgus, or foot bunion
  • Overlapping or deformed toes

How to fit a wide foot ?

To fit a wide foot, you must take into account the maximum width of your foot and choose a shoe with an adequate width. For example, a foot of size 42 with a width of 25 cm will be completely at ease in a shoe of width H or J.

Too wide and your feet will float in the shoe, not wide enough, you will be too tight.


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What shoes to wear with wide feet ?

If you have wide feet, there are certain types of shoes that are best for you to avoid compressing your forefeet:

  • Sneakers
  • Round-toed boots
  • Square toe pumps
  • Open-toed sandals

At Podexpert, we have selected for you a wide range of comfort shoes for wide feet. Our shoe designs are sorted by width to help you find the right model for your body type.


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For wide feet, sneakers are the most comfortable shoes. The increased volume in the front of our models gives your feet the space they need. The breathable synthetic material ensures moisture wicking and makes our shoes soft and light.


Most of our sneakers offer a precise adjustment of the support of your foot thanks to a Velcro closing. The stability of the foot is reinforced by the presence of a light heel counter.


Finally, the sneakers we have selected for your wide feet offer grip and cushioning. The removable insole can be replaced with your orthotics.


Round toe booties

Are you a woman with wide feet? For a dressier style than sneakers, opt for round-toe ankle boots or boots. Timeless, these shoes offer your wide feet space and comfort. To meet the needs of all body types, our round-toe boots come in different widths.


At Podexpert, our models are designed in stretch leather. This combination of leather and elasticized textile gives our shoes all the flexibility necessary for the comfort of your feet. You will also find on our website round toe boots equipped with stretch fabric zones at the front of the foot.


Round toe booties can be worn in both summer and winter. For a chic or casual look, these shoes prove to be a real ally for the comfort of your wide feet.


Square pumps

For a chic evening, square pumps are an ideal alternative to high heels. Square pumps give your toes room to grow and ensure that your body weight is well distributed. Our pumps have an increased volume in the front of the foot to provide more space for your wide feet. So you can enjoy your evenings out with peace of mind.


Open-toe sandals

For both men and women, choose open-toed sandals for summer. With their fashionable design, wide-strap sandals combine comfort and optimal support for your wide foot. The closure of the shoe with several Velcro straps allows you to adjust the support of your wide feet. Made of quality leather, the models selected by Podexpert are very flexible, ideal for wide feet.


Good to know: wearing sandals with many thin straps is not recommended if you have wide feet. The straps will tend to "bind" your foot, hindering the proper circulation of your blood.


What shoes should I avoid if I have wide feet ?

If you have wide feet, avoid wearing :

  • Shoes with pointed toes. With a narrowed toe space, pointy toes compress wide feet. The limited space inside encourages the foot to rub against the shoe and can cause injury.
  • High heels. High heels shift the weight of the body to the front of the foot. This imbalance puts more pressure on the front of the foot, which is already compressed in your shoes.
  • Patent leather, plastic or rubber shoes. Even over time, these materials are too rigid and will not adapt to your morphology.
  • A shoe size that is too large. If your foot is too large for standard shoes, you may be tempted to go up a size. However, we do not recommend this. This is because the support of your wide foot will not be assured.

What brands of shoes for wide feet ?

At Podexpert, we have selected the best brands of shoes for wide feet:

  • Finn Comfort. The German brand combines quality products and respect for the environment.
  • Neut. Since 1920, the French company has been developing comfort shoes for wide and sensitive feet.
  • Podartis. Specialized in orthopedic shoes, the brand offers models adapted to different foot morphologies.
  • Podowell. Working since 1930 with health professionals, the French brand is at the forefront of comfortable footwear for wide feet.

Author : Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist