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Saturday 01 January 2022

How to refine wide feet ?

How to refine wide feet ?


Beyond twenty-three centimeters in width, the feet are said to be "wide". Genetic or acquired, this foot morphology can be a problem for some people. While you may be tempted to wear narrow shoes to slim down your feet, it's better to opt for shoes that fit. Sneakers, round-toe boots or open sandals are particularly suitable for wide feet. For the most severe forms, a surgical intervention can be considered. Podexpert takes stock of the situation.


Refining wide feet: wearing the right shoes

If you have wide feet, it is important to wear shoes that fit the width of your feet. Choosing narrow shoes in the hopes of making your feet narrower will only make the problem worse. These tight shoes compress the feet, which swell and appear even wider. On the contrary, the right size shoe helps to visually refine the width of your feet. At Podexpert, we offer a wide range of men's and women's wide feet shoes in different widths.


The sneakers

For sports or casual wear, sneakers are particularly suited to wide feet. The increased volume in the front of our sneakers provides the necessary space for comfort. The Velcro closure ensures optimal support for your wide foot by adjusting to your body shape.


Finally, our comfort sneakers have all the characteristics of a good sports shoe: grip, cushioning, lightness and flexibility.


Good to know: all our shoes are equipped with a removable sole.


The round-toe boots

If you have wide feet, we don't recommend wearing pointy toes. For a dressy look, opt for round-toed boots that allow your toes to spread out and keep your forefoot from being compressed.


Our women's round toe booties are made of soft leather to give you strength and comfort. Some shoes also feature a stretchy textile area to further reduce compression on your wide feet. Available in a variety of widths, our round toe booties will help slim your wide foot.





The square pumps

You are a woman and you have wide feet? To slim down your wide feet, swap your high heels for square pumps. By shifting the weight of your body to the front of your feet, high heels tend to make your feet swell. Like round-toe ankle boots, square pumps give your toes and forefoot a comfortable space. A true ally for a chic look, square pumps are particularly suited to wide feet.


Open sandals

Open-toed wide feet sandals are available in both men's and women's models. Choose a model with two or three wide straps equipped with a Velcro closure. You will be able to adjust the fit of the sandal to your wide foot.


If you want to slim down your wide feet, we don't recommend sandals with many straps. These styles will tend to "sausage" your feet, visually emphasizing their width.


Refining wide feet: surgery

If the width of your feet represents a real obstacle to your daily activities, a surgical intervention can be considered. In this case, the surgeon will be able to narrow the wide foot by intervening in particular at the level of the toes. Generally, a reduction of the soft part of the forefoot is sufficient to narrow a wide foot. However, a bone operation (toe narrowing, hallux valgus surgery, etc.) is sometimes necessary.


Recently, cosmetic foot surgery has become a new craze. In search of an ever slimmer foot, patients no longer hesitate to undergo surgery. However, given the risks involved, cosmetic foot surgery is not recommended.


Refining wide feet: other solutions exist

Depending on the cause, there are other solutions to refine wide feet:

  • In the case of flat feet, wearing orthopedic insoles raises the arch of the foot. Better positioned on the ground, the foot is refined.
  • If you are overweight, losing weight will reduce the fatty masses around the foot.
  • In the case of swollen feet, the slimming of wide feet depends above all on the resorption of the edema.

Since there can be many causes of swollen feet, it is advisable to consult your doctor.


Author : Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist