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Sunday 01 August 2021

The Egyptian foot : meaning and origin

The Egyptian foot : meaning and origin


What is the Egyptian foot ?

The Egyptian foot is defined by the fact that the first toe is longer than the following ones. It is without a doubt the most beautiful foot shape, although people with Greek feet will tell you otherwise.


Foot shape egyptian roman greek


The different foot shapes: Egyptian foot, Roman foot or Greek foot


A little history

Perhaps the most interesting fact about the feet of the ancient Egyptians is their use of artificial toes, which have been discovered on at least one mummy. Researchers at the University of Manchester found evidence of two artificial toes, one made from a kind of papier-mâché and the other from wood and leather.


The scientists then decided to try their own version of these prostheses on people and discovered that fake toes could help people (lacking a big toe) walk more comfortably in sandals, the traditional shoes of the time.


Medical Benefits of the Egyptian foot type

The Egyptian foot type appears to protect against ingrown toenails. According to a study by Ogawa and Hyakusoku, the incidence of this painful condition is lower in people who had Egyptian toes.





Which shoe with an Egyptian foot ?

For the shape of the Egyptian foot, choose shoes that have enough space for the big toe and a sufficient total width to avoid crushing it. Pointed shoes are not recommended.


Author : Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist