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» » Our selection of sandals for summer 2017

Our new selection of sandals for your sensitive feet

Podexpert has selected new sandals for the summer. Of course, we have kept the best-sellers from Neut, Podowell and Comfort Class in our catalogue.

We have taken the opportunity to expand our range and offer you sandals for your sensitive feet that respect all pathologies.


The special bunion and heel spur sandal from Ortholady: Fantine

Like last year, we have selected a sandal model from the German brand Schein.

For summer 2017, we chose the Fantine model, a sandal perfectly adapted for toe deformities and more precisely for bunion.


Indeed, the Fantine therapeutic sandal offers a stretchy fabric insert opposite your bunion.


Do you suffer from a heel spur? The insole of the Fantine sandal has two cushioning areas in the heel and forefoot. Of course, this insole is removable and can be replaced with your own orthopaedic insoles.


The special mule for sensitive feet for quick and easy fitting: Podowell - Imarca

For a quick and easy slip-on, we have selected a mule with two straps to support the foot.

The special feature of this sandal is its perforated sole for optimum ventilation. The sole is made of foam and covered with leather, making it very comfortable.


The outsole is made of a combination of cork and elastomer for safe walking, resulting in an ultra-light, non-slip and flexible sole.


Neut's Isabeau in a new trendy colour

This season, we are offering the reference for therapeutic sandals in a pearl colour.


This sandal for sensitive feet is particularly suitable for toe deformities. If you have clawed toes or bunion, you will find unparalleled comfort.

The forefoot is wider than the average sandal on the market and its large volume will accommodate a foot with oedema or that tends to swell during the day.


The great advantage of this sandal is its stability for safe walking. The midfoot is held in place by three velcro straps for optimal adjustment, even with a strong instep. The back of the sandal is closed and has a quality counter that will perfectly hold your back foot.

This feeling of security is further enhanced by the outsole with its wide fit. The outsole is of course non-slip and shock-absorbing.


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