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Monday 31 August 2020

Walking shoes for obese people

Walking shoes for obese people


Being heavy puts more pressure on your feet which can lead to many problems. Yet, doctors advise overweight people to make exercise a daily habit in order to improve their health. This is why choosing a pair of comfortable sneakers is extremely important for overweight men and women.


Here we will focus on shoes for moderate physical activity. The features will be almost the same for running shoes. You'll also find a lot of similarities with flat foot shoes.


Starting a running program, with the help of your doctor, is a great idea to improve your health and lose weight.

But without proper shoes, it's very difficult to exercise without pain. And when foot pain arrives, it's almost impossible to take a simple walk around your block.


Fortunately, some shoe brands have designed walking shoes that take into account all the constraints that obese people may encounter.


The consequences of being overweight on your feet

Choosing the right comfortable walking shoe for resuming a sporting activity is very complicated. Indeed, there are hundreds of models available on the market with very different characteristics. The ideal characteristics will be close to those of shoes for swollen feet.

The first thing to do is to evaluate the consequences of excess weight on your feet in order to know what type of shoe to choose. Indeed, being overweight leads to different types of foot problems:

  • Formation of a flat foot with potentially plantar fasciitis
  • Widening of the forefoot leading to a wide foot
  • Increased pressure on the feet and joints of the ankles, knees and hips
  • Decreased joint mobility with risk of falls and early osteoarthritis
  • Excessive sweating

Characteristics of a good shoe for overweight people

Therefore, it is important to check that your shoes have the following characteristics so that you can practice your favorite physical activity with maximum comfort and safety.



Your shoes must first be comfortable. Indeed, if you feel comfortable in your shoes, it will be more pleasant and easier to progressively extend your walking time.

For this, and to avoid injuries, it is important to choose a comfortable shoe without interior seams.

You can find on certain models elastic laces for an optimal adjustment of the tightening of the foot even in case of a strong instep. This type of closure also allows you to tighten your shoes more quickly and easily.


The interior volume

Your shoe must have a larger than normal volume to accommodate a swollen foot. With removable insoles and/or spacers, you can adjust the shoe perfectly to your foot size. Dr Comfort brand sneakers have removable insoles and inserts for a perfect fit.

It is also important to ensure that the shoe has a wide opening to facilitate the fitting even if your feet are not very mobile.

The width of the sports shoes is also important so as not to squeeze the forefoot. It is important to keep in mind that feet tend to swell when playing sports.


A removable sole

The insole of your walking shoes should be removable so that it can be replaced by your orthopedic insoles if you have them. Moreover, the sole must be able to be taken out and cleaned after your walk.



The outsole must be stable and flexible. It must be able to provide support to your ankles and knees and avoid pain that could appear in the lower back.

Overweight people shoe selection


Cushioning and shock absorption

It is essential that the outsole also provides lasting cushioning with every step and absorbs shock effectively. This will significantly reduce pain in your joints.

The ideal is a semi-rigid, thick biomechanical sole with "Wellwalk" technology that promotes a natural flow of the step without bending the shoe. This sole technology is developed by the Podartis brand.
This type of outsole allows for an even pressure on the foot during the entire support phase of the step.



Your comfortable walking shoes must also be light. You should not feel them, and they should not be a hindrance every time you walk.

Your shoes should allow you to walk for a long time without feeling any fatigue.


Ventilation and moisture wicking

The textile of the shoe must be breathable and evacuate moisture and perspiration. A good air circulation inside the shoe will allow a better comfort and will avoid that your feet overheat.
The upper of the shoe should be made of breathable textile to prevent overheating. Podowell, for example, offers Sanitized antimicrobial treated linings that ensure optimum comfort and freshness.


Author : Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist