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Slippers for seniors : the guide to making the right choice

Table of contents


The right size

Heel support

Suitable for orthopedic insoles

A good grip

An adjustable inner volume

A comfort fit


A fall at home is a major danger for an elderly person. Often due to a loss of balance, it is possible to avoid them by choosing a pair of anti-slip slippers for elderly people. If the slipper is also comfortable and respects sensitive feet, it becomes the perfect companion for a person who stays at home.


Every year, there are approximately 450,000 people over 65 who fall. And 2 out of 3 falls occur at home.


One of the risk factors for an older person falling is either wearing ill-fitting or inappropriate shoes, socks, pantyhose or, in many cases, not wearing anything on their feet in and around the home.


Wearing proper footwear can reduce the risk of falling, but often it is not very comfortable to stay in shoes all day, especially when you stay indoors and spend part of your time sitting in your favorite chair.


This is why we recommend wearing a medical slipper adapted to the elderly. It's a safe and easy way to avoid falls.


In the home, make sure you wear slippers that fit properly with good heel support and a non-slip sole. This, combined with good foot support with a simple and effective fastening system such as a Velcro strap, and you'll be close to having the ideal slipper for an older person.


Here is a 6-point checklist to consider before buying a comfortable shoe that will reduce the risk of falling.


The right size

First, you need to make sure that the senior slippers you are wearing fit properly. Too loose and they will slip easily and potentially cause you to lose your balance and fall. If they are too tight, they will make walking painful, restrict your circulation and could damage your feet and toes.


It's a simple tip, but you'd be surprised how many older people walk around in an old pair of slippers or shoes they've been wearing for years that don't support the foot at all, with the toes causing a hole at the end of the slipper. Of course, in these tired shoes or slippers, the comfort is there but what about safety?


At Podexpert, for each model of comfortable slipper, we tell you if the model fits normally, large or small. So you make the right choice of size.


Heel support

You need to make sure the slipper has good heel support. Your foot should be in contact with the sole of the slipper at all times, so many older people walk around their homes in slippers without support. Your foot can then slip easily and cause you to lose your balance and fall.


Suitable for orthopedic insoles

Orthotics are a good complement to senior slippers to reduce the risk of falling. You must therefore make sure that your shoes are adapted to accommodate your pair of orthopedic insoles if you have them.

At Podexpert, most of our slippers have removable insoles that you can replace with your orthotics.

Another advantage of removable insoles is that you can remove them and make more room inside your liner, which is very practical when your feet tend to swell during the day.

If you choose a mule type shoe, the large opening will allow you to fit easily without bending down, but mules are less adapted to wearing orthopedic insoles.

To adapt mules to orthopedic insoles, we advise you to bring them to your podiatrist who will be able to put a small scratch on the back of your insoles and your mules to prevent them from slipping when walking.


A good grip

Having a good grip on your slippers is really important. A non-slip rubber sole is best. Many people don't always check the condition of their soles and walk around with slick, worn slippers.

Even on a carpeted surface, this increases the risk of slipping, but on wet, laminated, smooth and tiled surfaces, the risk of serious accidents is greatly increased.

In addition, you often have to go out in the vicinity of your home to get the mail or greet a visitor. Therefore, the outsole of your senior's slippers must also be suitable for a few steps outside.


Comfortable slippers selection

An adjustable inner volume

Your feet can change in volume during the day, so you need to be able to adjust the fit of your slippers at any time. Velcro closures are a good solution, as they allow you to adjust the volume easily and quickly. We advise you to avoid lace-up closures, as you may fall when walking on them.

We also advise you to choose a comfort shoe with a wide opening so that you can fit easily even if your feet are not very mobile.


A comfort fit

Feeling safe is one thing, feeling comfortable and at ease is another. So it's important to choose slippers for sensitive feet, because you'll be wearing them all day long.

Keep an eye on the manufacturing materials and prefer breathable materials that will minimize sweating if you suffer from it.

On the contrary, some older people tend to suffer from cold especially with their feet. In this case, a wool lining will keep your feet warm especially during the winter months.





Author : Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist