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» » » Footwear and posture : a close link

Footwear and posture : a close link

Table of contents


Link between footwear and posture

A comfortable AND stylish shoe

The benefits of orthopedic shoes on your posture

Tips when you are sitting

Tips for standing

Conclusion: Good shoes and good posture habits​


Since their inception, shoes have been used primarily to protect our feet. However, when the appearance of shoes began to take on more importance, shoes were no longer used only to protect our feet.

Today, "fashion" shoes can be both positive and negative for our posture.

A great pair of shoes is often so uncomfortable that it will cause pain all along your skeleton and make you look like a hunchback. However, there are shoes that are comfortable and stylish.


Link between footwear and posture

Here's the problem: our feet have a natural curvature designed to support our skeleton and our entire body. This support happens silently, without us even realizing it.

If the curvature of the ball of your foot is properly supported, your posture will also remain correct. However, if the shoes do not properly support this curvature, your feet and your posture will suffer.  And the damage to your posture will not only be unsightly, but it can also be very dangerous and lead to chronic pain.


If you already have pain and discomfort related to your back or spine, you will be even more predisposed to having poor posture. So if you also add bad shoes into the equation, it's the perfect formula for truly disabling pain.


A comfortable AND stylish shoe

People often choose "fashion" shoes that are uncomfortable and poorly adapted to their body shape, because they often believe that orthopedic shoes are generally large and with shapes that make them less elegant.

However, with today's advances in style and comfort and with our help, you can easily find a pair of comfortable and stylish shoes. They will offer you the support you need without sacrificing the style part.

These shoes will offer the right support to your feet and back so that you no longer feel the need to rock back and forth or from one leg to the other. This way, your posture should no longer be compromised and pain should disappear.


The benefits of orthopedic shoes on your posture

If you have a good posture, your back will be much less stressed, and you will have much less pain at the end of the day. Your muscles will be relaxed, as well as your ligaments when you move.

Maintaining good posture should not require any effort and should not cause unnecessary strain on your joints or muscles. Your shoes should give you all the support you need to maintain good posture without you even realizing it.

Unfortunately, if you get used to it, your posture can become painful.



Orthopedic shoes selection


Here are some tips to help you adopt a good posture and protect your feet when you are sitting or walking.


Tips when you are sitting

If you work while sitting or drive a lot, it is necessary to sit correctly and correct your posture. Here are the tips to remember:

  • If your feet don't reach the floor, you may want to keep them on a footrest - and avoid putting your feet in all sorts of unnatural positions.
  • Avoid crossing your knees or keeping your feet behind them. Ankles should stay in front of the knees, or at least on the same line.
  • Do not glue the back of your knees to your chair. Your legs should extend slightly beyond your chair.
  • Your chair back should support your lower and middle back.
  • Keep your shoulders relaxed and make sure your forearms are parallel to the floor.
  • Avoid sitting in one position for an extended period of time. Stand up every hour for 2-5 minutes to move around and stretch your muscles.

Tips for standing

  • Keep your weight primarily on the balls of your feet.
  • Make sure your knees are generally in a slightly bent position.
  • Your arms should hang naturally at your side, parallel to your body.
  • Feet should remain at shoulder width.
  • Try to keep your stomach tucked in.
  • Try to stand up straight with your shoulders pulled back slightly.
  • Keep a neutral head posture.
  • If you must stand for long periods of time, shift your weight from foot to foot or toe to heel.

Conclusion: Good shoes and good posture habits

At first, it will be hard to think of everything, and you will regularly lose good posture, as it is easier to let go and get into bad posture. However, after a while, it should become a natural thing.

As you can see, a good pair of comfortable shoes with adequate support will not do everything, especially if you have developed a bad habit, but it can save you a lot of pain.


Author : Philippe Vesin - Pedorthist