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Already a benchmark across the Channel, the Anatomic Shoes brand wants to bring you maximum comfort with their wide width shoes.

The shoe consists of a soft leather upper, a removable and padded insole for absolute comfort and a flexible outsole to facilitate walking and wide for more stability.


Anatomic Shoes offers shoes with particularly large sizes on the forefoot. This is what makes them the benchmark for people who cannot put their shoes on because of their wide feet.

They also have a sole with a wide casing which will bring you extraordinary stability when walking.


The story

Moema and Joao are the two co-founders, who come from Franca, one of the largest shoe producing cities in Brazil. They moved to England 15 years ago, with their heritage of shoemaking, an idea of ​​technological innovation and perfect quality. Here's how and why Anatomic & Co started ...


They started with ten models and there are now over ninety. All tastes and all forms. They are designed in the United Kingdom, then by hand in Brazil.


The conception

Each pair is 100% handmade by highly qualified professional bootmakers and using the best materials.

However, the real secret of the comfort of Anatomic Shoes lies in the Anatomic Gel Technology®. The result of 25 years of development and research in Brazil.

The shoes are made entirely of soft leather and have no seams on the forefoot which will respect sensitive feet with deformities of toes like hallux valgus.
This unique formula applies to all Anatomic shoes.
The key lies in the sole, which is made of natural rubber combined with gel and which cushions your foot while flexing with it.

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