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Unmatched comfort

Because feet that suffer also need elegance, ADOUR® shoes combine comfort, elegance and functionality.

ADOUR® shoes do not put any strain on your foot and can adapt an integrated orthopedic sole.

Most ADOUR shoes are orthopedic shoes.


The principles of Adour shoes

  • The axis of the forefoot of the shoe is offset inward. Thus the foot takes its anatomical position and the toes are under no constraint.
  • The volume of the forms at the forefoot is much higher than normal.
  • These shoes always have an adjustment for the forefoot: the lacing goes beyond the metatarsal heads and the elastic gives the ease necessary for a foot that takes volume at the end of the day.
  • The insoles are removable to accommodate a plantar orthosis in their place.
  • The outsoles (wear) are light and non-slip.
  • The heels provide excellent seating, as well as a perfectly adapted height.

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