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Great comfort

Because feet in pain also need elegance, Adour shoes combine comfort, elegance and functionality.
Adour shoes do not put any strain on your foot and can fit an integrated orthopaedic insole.
Most Adour shoes are orthopaedic shoes.
Adour offers both comfortable women's shoes and men's shoes for sensitive feet. You can easily replace the removable insoles of Adour shoes with your own orthopaedic insoles.


The characteristics of Adour shoes

  • The axis of the shoe's forefoot is shifted inwards. This allows the foot to assume its anatomical position and the toes are not subjected to any strain.
  • The volume of the lasts in the forefoot is much greater than normal.
  • These shoes always have a forefoot adjustment: the lacing goes beyond the metatarsal heads and the elastic band gives the necessary ease to a foot that gets bigger at the end of the day.
  • The insoles are removable so that a foot orthosis can be fitted in their place.
  • The outsoles are lightweight and non-slip.
  • The heels have excellent footing and a perfect fit.

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Comfortable shoes for women Adour - AD 2073
Color : Brown - Width: Standard (F-G) - Available 4 UK - 5,5 US