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Foot and shoe professionals for years, we are specialists in the foot and its various pathologies. During our daily consultations, we realize that it is increasingly difficult for you to find comfortable shoes suitable for your feet even if you have foot problems.

For your comfort, we have therefore selected the most suitable models that we can find. The brands with which we have chosen to work offer you the best ranges of comfortable and quality shoes.

We are not sellers of a whole range of medical products, but foot specialists. And as foot specialists, we see patients every day in consultation and we are therefore the ablest to understand and respond to your footwear problems. Our specialty is simple: comfort shoes for sensitive feet!


Wide feet, hallux valgus, diabetic foot or toe claws, a wide choice of comfortable shoes for you


You will thus be able to find the best of comfortable shoes in different categories classified by gender or by type of shoes. You can easily find our selection of women's and men's shoes as well as our range of orthopedic shoes, slippers or comfortable work shoes.


These models are classified by shoe style but also by type of pathology or podiatric problem for which they were thought. Each category has been designed to guide you in your choice: shoes for diabetic feet, bunions shoes, or shoes for wide feet.


Laces, velcros, stretch upper, wide and stabilizing sole: different characteristics depending on your pathologies


We have selected for you different types of fragile feet shoes which range from ballerinas, to slippers and sneakers for practicing sports. We also have lace-up shoes, others with velcro or elastic models to make it easier to put on.
For toe deformities, we have a large selection of shoes for painful feet with stretchy stretch which will accommodate bunions or all kinds of toe deformities in absolute comfort.

Finally, we make the choice of stable shoes with shock-absorbing and non-slip soles to allow you to walk and practice all your daily activities safely.


We know that in the context of your pathologies you are likely to wear orthopedic soles, this is why all our shoes have removable soles that you can easily remove to accommodate your own soles.


New models of comfortable shoes and new brands every season


We rely on recognized brands: Neut, Podowell, the Italian brand Podoline. But we are always looking for new products to bring you maximum comfort.

This is why we also distribute socks for sensitive feet and safety shoes adapted to each type of foot.

We try to find for you the best possible models of shoes adapted to your pathology whether you are looking for women's comfort shoes or even a wide slipper.


Podexpert's advise


We want to offer you the best advice so that you can find the right shoe for you. This is why all our advisers are trained to best meet your needs.

Much more than a distance selling site, Podexpert also presents its shoes in its first two stores and relies on its network of partners. All our advisers are used to helping people put on their shoes. They will be able to respond in an informed manner to all your requests.



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